3 Feb

The other day I found myself dating things “2014”.

It took three people reminding me that 2014 was but two years in the past, for me to kick the habit and leap forward into the present.



Though we are only a month in, 2016 has already proven to be jammed packed with love, laughter, adventure, and of course, Colorado sunsets.

Always Colorado sunsets.

CO sunset


pre-holiday fun.

14 Dec


mayhem is one!

4 Dec

Happy first birthday to my favorite monster pup!


defeating defeat.

3 Dec

I woke up tired today.

Exhausted really.

Tired of the negativity and fear that has been permeating through a season in which peace, joy, and gratitude are supposed to be paramount.

Saddened by constant news of hate and violence. Beat down by the anger and blatant use of force to achieve power.

I found my day dragging along with the weight of my emotions. My confusion and sadness highlighted by underpinnings of defeat at the thought of the world’s current state.

Defeat. Terror’s greatest and most powerful weapon.

Defeat hangs over the world and the world’s strongest and most jubilant inhabitants like a heavy fog. It drapes the love and the light of the season in a drab overcoat, blocking out whatever winds of peace, whatever inkling of positivity, may exist in our atmosphere.

It creates exhaustion and fear and sadness and it cultivates the belief in the inability to fight back; the tragic thought that goodness does not exist.

Fortunately for us we can turn defeat on itself, because there is goodness in the world. There is goodness and love in each and every day and in each and every person that we cross.

You see it in the smiling greetings that passing strangers share as they nod hellos while crossing the street.

You see it in the love that your children and spouses and pets and friends share with each other, with you.

And you see it in the beauty of the start of each new day.

And during this time of fear and confusion, a time in which hatred is threatening to defeat the gratitude and peace that the world deserves, we need to remember to hold our loved ones a bit closer. To share a smile with a stranger and thank those around you for being there. In spreading a bit of gratitude and joy to each and every person we meet in a given day, we are proving that love, acceptance, and peace will defeat hate.

Will defeat fear.

Will defeat, defeat.


something to be said.

19 Nov

There is something to be said for racing down a hillside as fast as gravity will carry you, legs churning and lungs burning; and there is something even bigger to be said about running down that hillside as fast as can be, in the snow.

It’s the slow burn of the steady resistance that the knee-deep snow creates against the muscles in your legs and knobby footing of your boots. It’s the way the snow feels as it gets kicked up in your erratic gallop, smothering the atmosphere in glitter and snow dust.

It’s the joy you get from allowing yourself to fall out of control, even for a moment, as you slip and slide down the snowy field, a giggling shriek emanating from deep within your chest.

And when you’re finally at the bottom, collapsing to the ground into a pile of cold cotton and feeling the effervescent spray coat your face as the glittery dust cascades back to Earth.

Yes, there is definitely something to be said.

[d]hog heaven.

18 Nov

Happiest dogs in the whole, wide world.


oh hey monday.

16 Nov

You are looking mighty fine!


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