55° and 14 days to go.

29 Mar

I happened to be off both Saturday and Sunday this week (unheard of!!) and had hoped to spend my weekend (a true weekend!) hiking, skiing and enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures that have punctuated Summit County’s March. Alas, strep throat and a nasty head cold threw a bit of a wrench into my weekend plans.

So though I was mandated to stay at home and rest my weary throat (Who I am kidding! No one wanted my germy self anywhere near them) on Friday and Saturday, the girls and snuck out for a quick stroll along the lake on Sunday morning an boy was it glorious.

Anyway, it’s now Sunday afternoon and I have officially not been contagious for a full 21 hours, who wants to grab a beer at Pug’s?!

PS: 14 days til we the end of the season!





26 Mar


At least that’s what I am telling myself!

sims fam rocks.

24 Mar

You know what’s crazy?

Before last weekend, it had been over a year since all five of us were together; and that over a year ago get-together between the five of us? Well I had “the plague” (aka the Flu) for six of the seven days, so it didn’t even really count as family time.

Anyway, last weekend we more than made up for lost time.

We laughed and joked and skied our way through a rendezvous in Telluride. We ate lunch on “the beach“, enjoyed local brews, visited our elk neighbors and wandered up and down Colorado St. reminiscing about childhood memories of twisty straws at Floradora, feeding the llamas and climbing the Needles.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! What a way to ring in 30 years!









30 years.

22 Mar

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad on their 30th wedding anniversary!

I love you!



18 Mar

At 15 weeks (if any of you saw my Instagram post, I counted wrong…blonde moment!), Mayhem is full of opinions.

She likes: SUN (will find any and all sunny spots on the deck and in the living room and claim them as hers), treats, snuggles on HER terms, annoying Abbey Road, making new friends…human and dog alike.

She dislikes: snow, puddles, the car (unless it is helping her escape hikes where snow is present) temperatures below 45°, pooping on grass (?) and being told “NO”

How did I end up with a princess pup?! Either she is stinkin’ cute and the best snuggler (on HER terms…) around!



11 Mar

A Tenmile sunset, Sapphire Point


“Scene of the crime “, aka the day I broke my booty while on a run around the lake (ouch!)


Leadville, CO


Cowboys, Leadville, CO


Sunset Selfie, Sapphire Point


“Spring!”, says Abbey


Abbey teaching Mayhem the finer points of “poop diving”



Mayhem the Gremlin


Skijoring, Leadville, CO

sweetness in my life.

24 Feb

When I lived in Chicago, 5:30am was all at once the bane of my existence and the jolt I needed to kick-start my day.

5:30am would start loud and proud with the shrill jingle of my alarm. I woke bleary eyed and grumbling, annoyed with the prospect of, well, 5:30am.

I’d scramble out of bed, throw on some ratty old running clothes, lace up my shoes, key up my iPod and wander out the front door, working through an encyclopedia of routes in my head before settling on the Lakefront Path heading north.

On my run, which generally lasted about 60 minutes, I’d work through all the world’s problems, settle whatever dispute was bothering me at that moment (usually that dispute concerned the a**hole cabbie that almost ran me over at the intersection of Fullerton and Lake Shore), fought off the stench of the smelly homeless man who lived under the Belmont overpass and watched The Sun rise in all her glory over the grand expanse of Lake Michigan, painting the groggy city in ombre hues of pink and orange.

By the time I got to work at 8:30, I was already three hours into my morning and noshing on a well-deserved donut from the Dunkin Donuts that held court on the second floor of The Mart.

These days, I am at work every morning between 6:45 and 7:00am, so my early morning jogs along the lake have evolved into 4:00pm jaunts along winding mountain paths. I still solve all the most complex problems of the world, relive wrong-doings from the day in an effort to “win” and enjoy cake and ice cream for dessert nearly every evening (no Dunkin nearby :( ), but instead of dodging rabid raccoons as they jump out at you from their dark, smelly garbage-can caves, I dodge tourists making unexpected turns with their skis on their shoulders. And instead of watching the sun rise over the greatest city in the world, I breathe in the beauty of the late afternoon sun as She highlights the Rockies in a jewel-toned veneer.

In unrelated news, my favorite guest arrived today for his second stay of the year. I had completely forgotten that he was arriving today and when I walked into the lobby, feeling prickly after an unnecessarily long conference call, I was thrilled to hear his booming voice shout a happy greeting before pulling me into a bear-hug. It’s gonna be a good weekend.


Dusk at the Beaver Ponds, Keystone, CO


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