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Flatlanders take CO!

30 Dec

Flatlanders take CO!

Papa Paleo, Johnny Vertical, Family Fun Day, Inxpot (in-x-pot), Hanging the bomb. What a day.


An “Orphan Christmas” for the books.

26 Dec

Aside from four quick years of college, I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life. That is until a month ago when I sold my chic Crate and Barrel furniture, sublet my cozy, vintage apartment, quit my solid corporate job as a Marketing Manager, and moved to Keystone, CO to embrace my inner mountain woman. Until this year, I’ve spent every Christmas cozied up around my parents’ fireplace, sipping hot cocoa while surrounded by my brothers, my parents, my grandparents, and whatever cousins happened to be in town that year. Until this year, the importance of family and friends, while never lost on me, was masked by the scent of evergreen wafting through the house, the twinkle of Christmas lights on the neighbors’ bushes, the crackling of a roaring fire, and the tinkle of laughter.

As I’ve grown, the meaning of Christmas has evolved from revolving around Santa and his sack of gifts, to having the ugliest “ugly Christmas sweater” at that weekend’s soiree, to finally understanding the importance of a few precious days spent with friends and family. Over the years, I’ve grown to realize that the holidays are a time to relish in the memories of Christmases past and embrace the Christmas present.

As a new resident of Summit County, my first “Orphan Christmas” was spent doing just that. A morphing of new and old, and the realization that being an “orphan” at Christmastime doesn’t have to mean that I am family-less or tradition-less. In fact I’ve come to realize it is just the opposite, friends and family are what you make of them and traditions can (and should be) shared with those who walk into your life.

Thanks Summit County, for introducing me to YOUR traditions and thank you to all of the wonderful people who helped make this holiday season, one for the books.


Welcome to the Keystone Lodge. How may I assist you?

23 Dec
‘Tis the season for silly questions, chocolate villages, holiday cheer, mulled wine, powder days, oh and “gapers” in leopard print pants. 
I officially began as a concierge at the Keystone Lodge and Spa last Thursday. Upon my arrival I was “fitted” with a mint green button down blouse and a black zipper sweater. Let me tell you, mint green with my winter-white complexion is a sight to behold. Good thing the wall behind my concierge counter is an earthy brown, otherwise I’d be invisible!
My first check-in was a little bit rough. When the woman told me she’d like to check-in, I froze. I think I stood there and looked at her blankly for about 15 seconds before I realized that she was speaking to me. Whoops! Once I pulled myself together, I checked her in without a hitch. The rest of the day moved forward smoothly until someone asked me where they could find a “dispensary”. Again I stood there and looked at the guy with what must have been a look of complete confusion. Apparently a dispensary is a “medical” marijuana facility…thank goodness for polite hotel guests who work hard to contribute to my concierge education. Ya learn something new everyday!
Other than the daily learning experiences, I think I’ll like working at a hotel. I really like the interaction with guests and I like being the “expert”, but you knew that already :). 
Merry Christmas everyone!


Chocolate Village in the lobby of the Keystone Lodge. 7000lbs of milk, semi-sweet, and white chocolate includes a mountain scene, chocolate train, gondola, a chocolate waterfall, and a 700lbs Belgian white chocolate Christmas tree. Smells heavenly! 

All I want for Christmas are…leopard print snowpants

22 Dec



Dude, I know it’s sunny but it’s still only 9 degrees. 


21 Dec

The world is predicted to end at promptly 4:11:00 a.m. MST, Friday, 12.21.12. I sure hope this is not the case…things are just getting good.

Oh and Curt is convinced that the aliens are coming, Predator style. It’s making me nervous.

Pow, Donkeys, and Pink Goggles Galore

20 Dec

1) 8″ fresh powder + days off = happy Paige and tired legs

2) I owned my concierge/front desk “final exam”…98.7% to be exact.

3) Apparently football players dig pink goggles. Or at least Nathan from the Denver Broncos does. He used my googles to ask me for my digits.

4) Green grapes and Christmas cookies = breakfast of champions

5) Learned the ins and outs of the lifty box yesterday. I am basically a pro now.

6) I may be a “flower child” but I still HATE when people chew with their mouth open. Sick.

7) Today I officially start as a concierge for the Keystone Lodge and Spa. Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much!


Happy [belated] birthday to this guy –>

20 Dec

Sorry you had to work the coldest day of the year…at 6am. But thanks for the tour of Breck (darn redcoats!) and for letting me feel like a lifty for the day. Love you to pieces!

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