Elev. 9280

5 Dec

18 hours, 1105.80 miles, and an elevation gain of 9,000 ft later, I can officially call Keystone, CO my new home. Those of you who have been lucky enough to listen to my ramblings about moving to CO can breathe a sigh of relief; the next time you see me I won’t be pining for the wild west, I will BE the wild west, embodied in a small blonde haired, blue-eyed girl from the Windy City,

The drive was uneventful, save for some dense fog throughout the majority of Iowa and roadkill in the form of a HUGE elk upon crossing into Summit County. We (my superhero dad drove west with me) arrived in Keystone at around 11:30am on Sunday and promptly picked up Erik, who is living in Breckenridge, so as to greet my new roommate, Curt, with an entourage. Did I mentioned that Curt and I met on Craigslist? He’s from Salida, CO, enjoys mountain biking, romantic comedies, pumpkin pie, and staying true to the Paleo diet (our first night together, I dined on some truly gourmet Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, while he noshed on a turkey and veggie creation…whos meal won the taste contest?). He seems like a nice guy, although we’ve spent all of 5 hours together so I guess only time will tell! I CAN say to my girlfriends (you know who you are…) who are convinced that Curt and I might be soul-mates…this could not be further from the truth. I like chocolate, cheese, and bread FAR too much for this relationship to work.

Anyway, I’ve spent the last few days exploring the ‘hood, hiking, “running”, and generally figuring out how to hang by myself. I can’t believe I will be living out here for the next several months. It’s like a dream. I wake up every morning to majestic 14,000 ft mountains out my window and pinch myself to make sure I am actually awake.

Work starts tomorrow…fingers crossed that I figure out the bus system and make it in on time!

top of swan mt

Swan Mountain Overlook


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