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8-0 Going on 2-9

27 Feb
One can only hope to live a life of no regrets, fantastic adventures, big laughs, and endless love. Happy birthday to one of the few men that has accomplished that and so much more.
As Papa sez, “life is like a roll of toilet paper the older it gets the faster it goes”. So get out there and live it up.
Love you to the moon and back, Papa.

Gaper Union

24 Feb

We had a little family rendezvous out in Crested Butte this weekend. It was a big time down south.

Highlights include:

  • Skiing Rambo…oh wait, Rambo was closed
  • Skiing the run parallel to Rambo, more commonly known as “Last Steep
  • Family cliff diving…hem hem mom and I went around cliffs
  • the “Gaper Union”…don’t worry all dues have been waived for CGGTTWW readers
  • Hanging (and freezing) in downtown CB
  • Bar hopping til we found the spot that was JUST right
  • Steaks done right and never-ending desserts
  • “It’s a little rich for my blood”
  • Feeling like a true mountain woman due to driving Monarch Pass during a blizzard that delivered 15″ in one day

Times like these reinforce the fabulousness of my family. Too bad we live far too many miles apart. Tommy Moe, you were missed baby brother. Missed but definitely NOT forgotten.


HB, this one’s for you.

20 Feb

A short list to MAXIMIZE your experience of a lifetime



a mountain of wealth.

19 Feb

I get asked three questions from out-of-towners on a rotating basis.

  1. Was it scary to quit your job and move out here by yourself? The idea was terrifying the actual move was surreal and frankly, the best decision I’ve ever made
  2. Are there a lot of drugs out here? Yes, but I’m not much of a druggie so I rarely come across them
  3. How do you live off $10.25/hour? The only things I spend money on are rent, groceries, gas, and the occasional night out
What people don’t realize, especially when it comes to the cost of living in Summit County, is that out here the majority of the daily activities are free or have a minimal fee. I spend my days hiking, skiing, going for a run/walk, going sledding, and generally spending as much time outside as possible.
Sure cities offer a multitude of free activities, but when I was living in Chicago, especially during the winter, I found myself spending a lot of money on frivolous things that I thought I needed to make myself happy. Things like leopard print skinny jeans (sound as ugly as they look…), a ridiculous number of pumps and purses, expensive cocktails, $25 lunches on Fridays with coworkers (miss those, but can’t believe I spent that much money on LUNCH!), and cabs (probably upwards of $60/week on cabs!).
Living out here, I’ve found that the need I felt for certain items has disappeared and has been replaced with the urge to go for a late night walk to look at the stars (so cliche, but I’ve never seen stars like this!), go for a run on a remote trail, hike up to the back bowls, embrace $3 PBRs at the Snake, what have you.
I may not have the money to eat out every night, buy that fancy new jacket, or get my nails done every week; but I do have a fantastic quality of life that brings me to a level of happiness that I rarely witnessed when I did have that money. I mean, how many people can say that they skied for three hours on Monday before heading to work!? It’s less about the money, and entirely about living life in a way that brings you a mountain of wealth in terms of happiness.

Sunday Somethings

17 Feb

1) Telemark Skiing was named after the Telemark region of Norway when Sondre Norheim participated in a ski jumping competition in 1868 and landed with his skis in the tele stance. 

2) In Australian “buggered”, “knackered”, and “shagged” all mean exhausted, pooped, tired, etc.
3) Based on reviews from guests, lunch at the Alpenglow Stube is great in terms of ambience and service and just “good” in terms of food.
4) The way to my heart is via Giordano’s pizza, oreos, and/or roses. Thanks to all my Valentines for making me feel so loved 🙂
5) Montezuma, CO…one of Summit County’s “ghost towns” has a population of 65…think it’s populated by ghosts?
**Bonus Something
Crested Butte with the Sims clan in FOUR days and Hollybaby touches down in Summit County in ELEVEN days! Yippee!

Free the heel, free the mind

16 Feb

Free the heel, free the mind. The mantra behind Telemark Skiing plays off the idea that while on a tele ski, a skier frees herself of lift lines and inbounds crowds and finds herself free to explore backcountry freshies at her leisure. You see, tele skis are attached to the boot at the toe, leaving the heel free to lift up off the ski. This sort of freedom allows the skier to skin up a hill, bypassing lift lines, in search of untouched powder and backcountry views.

Turning on a tele ski, aka the tele turn, takes a technique that is entirely different from a typical turn on an alpine ski. Rather than working to keep your skis parallel, a tele skier staggers their skis, placing the downhill leg out in front of the uphill leg while the uphill leg is pushed back under the body with “a flexed knee” and the heel raised up, off the ski. Tele turns requires the skier to position their body into a deep lunge with each turn. As you might imagine after a few hours of lunging on tele skis, your thighs take on a mind of their own; screaming with each turn you make.

I freed my heel this morning with Johnny Vertical (happy birthday JV!) and let me tell you, I haven’t spent that much time thinking about how to ski in about 20 years. Being a fairly proficient skier, I wrongly thought I’d master the tele turn after a few runs. I can tell you, after a few runs it was decidedly obvious that I am DEFINITELY a right-legged skier. Either way, I’ve been presented with a challenge and I intend to conquer that challenge. By April 7, the tele turn will be mine…on both sides. In the meantime, a hot tub and two Advil are calling my name.

If you’re in Keystone and want to rent tele equipment, head to the Nordic Center. Rentals are $25/day…$21 if you take a lesson.



Be mine.

14 Feb

Be mine.

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