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Sunday Somethings

28 Apr

1) IT’S SUNNY AND 55° OUTSIDE! BUT it’s supposed to snow again on Wednesday…bummer.

2) I bought a sleeping bag. My first REAL outdoor activity purchase…does this make me an official mountain woman?

3) Keystone restaurants that are currently open…The Snake River SaloonDo LocosEdgewater CafeTenderfoot LoungePizza on the Plaza

4) Got a part-time job as a copywriter for Imagine That Creative, a digital marketing firm in Frisco. Can’t wait to get my write-on!

5) It’s officially mud-season, the time of the year when hours are cut and money is scarce. Making the best of the situation and exploring the great state of Colorado. Garden of the Gods tomorrow!



here comes the sun!

26 Apr

here comes the sun!

sun and 45°…could it be, that spring has sprung?

speedy pepper

24 Apr
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve got the two coolest brothers a chick could ask for. Smart, kind, handsome, funny, talented, athletic, you name it they’ve got it.
But today’s Tommy’s day. He’s the man of the hour and I just wanted to take a moment to share the his artistic genius with the blogosphere. You see, he is finishing up his junior year at Northern Arizona University (go Lumberjacks, go!) and majoring in photography, minoring in graphic design. I’ve always known that he was a talented photographer and I’ve always enjoyed learning about the method to his madness; but to see him grow the way he has both in passion for the art-form and in the way he places the world in perspective through his lens, makes my heart swell. You’re lookin’ at one proud big sister over here.
For glimpse of his work, check out his online portfolio.


24 Apr




CO Ghost Town

22 Apr

CO Ghost Town

It’s still snowing, but mudseason has arrived nonetheless.

between the sheets.

22 Apr

Remember when I mentioned that fratastic weekend that we, at the Lodge, witnessed just, well yesterday and the day before? Well, this morning, housekeeping was short a few people and we had one person checking out and one person checking in, so I was offered up as novice housekeeper for the day.

“Self,” I think as I change out my front desk wear and slip into something better fit for stripping beds and taking out the trash. “This’ll be good for you. A little education never hurts.”

Educating, the experience most definitely was. And let me tell YOU, my eyes have officially been opened and I officially have the utmost respect for all housekeepers out there. Granted today’s experience was probably not the norm (unless of course, your establishment often caters to hoards of rowdy college kids, in which case GOD BLESS YOU), but cleaning up after someone really does open your eyes to how people live and what little respect that they can have for their surroundings.

Hooray for all the housekeepers out there!

Sunday Somethings

21 Apr
1) 20-some inches of snow in the last five days = a COLD, snowy day at Abay and a failed attempt at Vail. Better luck next time?
2) A fraternity formal took up residence at the lodge this weekend. The event culminated in a pool party, numerous noise violations, three vomit incidences (that we are aware of…), and one girl who had to be taken to the emergency room due to dislocating her jaw while vomiting…KDs were never THAT bad…right ladies?
3) Fresh donuts at work make a Sunday morning shift after said frat party that. much. better.
4) Ski smart. Five shredders were killed in an avalanche off Loveland Pass yesterday.
5) Garden of the Gods and Williams Canyon on THURSDAY!
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