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29 Jul


a bird in hand.

27 Jul

a bird in hand.

Bats, birds, and bears. Oh my!

This little guy got stuck in the lobby of the Lodge this morning. Last week we had a bat, and a vicious one at that. A few weeks ago we had a moose on the loose. And last summer a baby black bear would hang out in our valet circle. Never a dull moment in the High Country!


26 Jul

4.5 miles up, 4.5 miles down. That’s all it takes to scale Colorado’s highest peak. Well, that, a couple of liters of water each, a large bag of trail mix, two Chocolate Chip Clif Bars per person, one Oatmeal Raisin Clif Bar for the dogs to split, two bags Teriyaki jerky, and a couple of Gatorades to share. A raincoat with a hood and a layer of fleece are also good to have around–it’s windy as sin up there. Beautiful views from the top and a lovely hike up through a pine forest. We even beat the rain by about an hour!

One thing to keep in mind when you’re headed home. No matter how hungry you are DO NOT STOP at the Silver Dollar Saloon. You will regret it.Image


the residence.

24 Jul

Hot. 83 degrees at 2pm and I’ve turned into such a ninny that I dare call that HOT. Nonetheless, it was hot. And as the day wore on it became it became perfectly clear that sleeping inside that evening, wasn’t a thought even worth thinking.

Luckily about 5 miles up Montezuma Rd. and another mile up the deliciously dusty Peru Creek Rd. there’s this spot. This spot that we’ve affectionately named The Residence; a spot that is just high enough that the dusty heat of the summer doesn’t quite permeate the air, where low clearance cars are not welcome, and on a clear night the moon shines bright through the stately lodgepoles.

The residence isn’t much. Just a Coleman tent meant to sleep five, a couple of camping chairs, a folding table with a George Foreman Grill, a large stone fire-pit, and a cozy hammock strung up along the banks of Peru Creek.

Nestled in a clearing deep in the woods, alongside a crashing Peru Creek rapid, we rarely have company at The Residence. Besides the occasional bump in the night, you are alone with your thoughts, melting into your sleeping bag, breathing in the crisp mountain air, as the waters of the creek lull you to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with the birds. It was cold outside, 43 degrees cold. I wrapped myself in my fleece and wandered down to the river’s edge. The heat of yesterday had subsided and left in its wake a cool breeze, laced with a hint of pine. This ninny was home. 



day at lake dillon with paige and abbey

22 Jul

day at lake dillon with paige and abbey

1) we’ve had so much rain the last few weeks that even Buffalo’s rocks are green.

2) i am a worrywart when it comes to being a dog-sitter.

3) wildflowers are my favorite



16 Jul


Congrats to Slapshot’s motley crew for their exciting Mac finish! Wish I could be up on the island to help you celebrate!

meat sweats.

15 Jul
We’ve talked about steaks, we’ve talked about buffalo, heck we’ve even talked about elk, so the logical thing to do would be to move on to burgers. 
As you may have guessed from some of my more carnivorously themed posts, Summit County does a lot of things right, but MEAT is one place where Summit outshines the rest; and Dillon’s Arapaho Cafe is no exception. Every Sunday and Wednesday night, locals flock to the ACafe’s “Pub Down Under” to partake in their infamous Burger Night. Think 1/2 pound burgers topped with all the bacon, avocado, bbq sauce, fried eggs, onion rings, and cheese, that your little heart desires, all for $6! Burger Night begins at 4pm and most nights you can expect to wait for a table for 10-15 minutes. No matter, just belly up to the bar and let “The Adams” (bartending extraordinaires, those two!) help quench your thirst with a pitcher of PBR or one of the many local brews that they carry. 
If $6 1/2 pound patties of ground beef don’t suit your fancy and you’re not into Foosball and pool with some long-time locals in the Pub Down Under, don’t fret, The Arapaho Cafe’s dining room features a menu highlighting some of the best bbq west of the Mississippi, not to mention a to die for Lemon Peppered Ruby Trout and lip-smackin’ good Buttermilk Pan Fried Chicken.
Any way ya word it, ACafe has something for everyone! Eat up!
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