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you wonderful you.

28 Oct

you wonderful you.

<– Look at this chick. Isn't she just the prettiest little thing you ever did see? Well it happens to be her birthday, so be sure to give her a big, huge hug when you see her :).

Love you mom! Wish I could be there to smother you in smooches!


the [soon-to-be] katerbergs.

26 Oct

It’s a very VERY exciting day in the neighborhood. A HUGE day, in fact.

Today happens to be the day that Mr. Timothy James Katerberg (VBBF) asked Ms. Holly Lynn Wickter (VBGF) to marry him.

That couple, wow. You know how every once in a while you come across two people that just ooze adoration for one another?That see each day together as an adventure and an opportunity to grow, not only together, but also as individuals? Well HB and TK are that couple.

Congratulations you guys. I can’t wait to raise a glass in your honor. I love you both to pieces!


hellos and goodbyes.

24 Oct

I suck at goodbyes. I hate them. But then again, who really likes them, right?

I like to pretend that the goodbyes will never come. You know, just push the thought completely out of my head until that very moment when that particular goodbye pops up out of nowhere and seemingly takes me by surprise. I mean, I knew it was lurking there in the shadows waiting to jump out at me, but denial is my favorite way to deal with goodbyes. 
Either way, just as the bittersweet end of summer sneaks up on you, goodbyes inevitably sneak up on you too. Especially in a ski town. A ski town where the majority of the population is made up of seasonal workers that come to shred the winter away and then move on to the next stop on the wild ride of their life.
Goodbyes have been the theme of the last two weeks. Goodbyes to people that will never know how much they’ve changed my life. Goodbyes to people that took me on an unbelievable amount of adventures and opened my eyes to activities I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d be able to check-off my bucket list. Goodbyes to people that tested my patience and my resolve. And let me tell you, goodbyes are exhausting.
But in the midst of all these goodbyes, hellos to new recruits, new friends, new partners in crime are on the horizon. It’s a tricky balance out here, juggling all the hellos and goodbyes. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that when one fantastic person comes and goes, often times another is arriving in their place. Not necessarily to take their place, but to continue the first person’s legacy in your story. You just have to stay one step ahead of the curve and understand that while people come and go, a goodbye isn’t necessarily forever. Sometimes it’s just a “til I see you again”. 

flag and back.

24 Oct

Phew. That was quick. Quick but epic

A 10 hour drive through the mountains of the Colorado high country (Glenwood Canyon never ceases to amaze me), the red rocks of Utah (oh Moab, such a special place), and the arid deserts and Indian Reservations of northern Arizona, finally dropped us in the mountain oasis of Flagstaff…aka Tommy’s home.
Tommy played tour-guide as he took us all over Oak Creek, Sedona, and Flag, pointing out interesting geological and historical tidbits (did you know that the mounds that you drive past on your way up to Flag are actually cinder cones from an ancient volcanic eruption?!); as well as adding his own two cents about spots that have special meaning to him. Spots like the first place he camped in Flag (actually closer to Sedona), his swimming hole in Oak Creek, and the house that started it all. 
It was the perfect getaway and it was awesome to see T in his element. Thanks for a fab weekend dude! Oh, and happy 21st! I love you!

’tis the season.

18 Oct

'tis the season.

Kicked off the 2014 ski season with a few runs over at the Basin. Beautiful day to ring in Winter 2014. Bring it Old Man Winter!

hump day.

16 Oct

Wednesday. Middle of the week. Two days in, two days out.

Usually Wednesday has no meaning to me. Usually Wednesday serves as my Monday, no days in, five days out. But this particular Wednesday is a super Wednesday. This particular Wednesday brings me two days closer to a reunion with one of my most favorite people; Mr. Thomas William Sims, also known as my littlest (though tallest…sorry Erik…) baby brother. 

On Saturday (just TWO days from now…HURRAH!) I am embarking on a 10 hour road trip (cue the Hot Tamales, Diana Ross, coffee, and books on tape) to Flagstaff. Lots of bonding, hiking, story-telling, eating, bead shopping, school seeing, and Flagtown exploring will ensue. And you know what? I AM PUMPED.

See ya on the flip side Keystone!



hello winter.

14 Oct

hello winter.

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”

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