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an epic road-trip begins.

21 Nov


Dillon, CO -> Denver International Airport: 92.1 miles (Gotta pick up Ms. Clair!)

Denver International Airport -> Wilmette, IL: 1,004 miles

Wilmette, IL -> Dunlap, TN: 565 miles

Dunlap, TN -> Dillon, CO (1,342 miles)

Total mileage: 3,003.1 miles over 10 days…with two people and a dog.

Gonna be interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!




case of the mondays?

18 Nov

case of the mondays?

i think not.


ullr came to play

16 Nov

ullr came to play


sponsored by ullr

15 Nov

sponsored by ullr

c’mon Ullr…don’t fail us now!



14 Nov


it’s what’s for dinner.


12 Nov
Ho hum.
We have five people in-house tonight. Five. I saw three of those five people at around 4:00pm when they came in off the hill but since then, I’ve been spending some quality time reconnecting with the good old internet.
I am thinking this for a living room couch (sold mine about year ago prior to moving out to the Wild West) and this for some snappy living room storage. And as I mentioned here, I think I might make this for the front door. I am also toying with the idea of this for this year’s holiday cards.
Oh just in case you were wondering, my landlord finally handed over the keys to the new digs (phew!) so I’ve spent the last week moving my belongings one. box. at. a. time. Slow going, but with the exception of my vacuum I think I’m there!
Oh, also the other day one of my dearest girlfriends eloped at the top of Sapphire Point. I was the one and only witness to the happy couple’s big day. I love you both to pieces and wish you all the happiness in the world. So glad I got to be part of your special day. 
Here’s a shot from yesterday’s Sapphire Point nuptials.
Terrible view, huh?
Skiing tomorrow…hooray!


4 Nov



Monday, aka my supposed moving day. Alas, my landlord-to-be seems to have left town and forgotten to get me the keys to my new place. Doesn’t place a whole lot of confidence in my future property management company, but since moving is out of the question, this particular Monday is my oyster.

Let’s see, I could pack, but that entails motivation and concentration–nah, no packing. I could go for a run, but that means that I should probably eat something other than Sea Salt Caramel Truffle ice cream and a bagel and cream cheese, so nope scratch that one off the list. I could go for a ski, but I was up for rope drop this morning and it’s cold and snowy out there. 

I think a day by the fire, under my leopard blanket, reading this, making this (if I am feeling ambitious), and watching this, is in order. Yep. It’s going to be a good afternoon.


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