defining summit county.

3 Feb

The mountains are chock full of colloquialisms that often draw blank looks from those unfamiliar with “high-country culture“. That said, my brothers Erik and Tommy, my main man, Andrew and I collaborated on a handy encyclopedia of terms that are thrown around in daily conversation. The below list should give you a leg up when it comes to communication during your visit to the mountains. Enjoy!

  • Back-country booter (băk-kŭn′trē-bo̅o̅t): a handmade jump that is found outside of ski area boundaries
  • Bomb (bŏm): straightlining down a slope
  • Booter (bo̅o̅t-er): a jump
  • Dude (dyo̅o̅d): a male or female partner in crime, oftentimes a fellow shredder or skier.
  • Dump (dŭmp): steady snowfall that often enlists the excitement for potential blizzard conditions, therefore the slight potential for “pow pow”
  • Epic (ĕp′ĭk): another level of cool
  • Face-shots (fās-shŏt): the act in which a skier or rider carves into a powder stash and kicks up a spray that douses their face with snow
  • Gaper (găp-er): a tourist who gapes, in jaw-dropped amazement at the scenery
  • Huck (hŭk): to launch oneself off a cliff or jump without regard to one’s physical well-being. See “send it”
  • Jib (jĭb): usually small hits in the trees that have been made out of fallen logs
  • Nuke (nyo̅o̅k): a blizzard that produces blinding white-out conditions and enlists the random “whoop!” from across the hill. Definite “pow pow” is in the forecast
  • Puke (pyo̅o̅k): a snow squall that produces heavy snowfall with big flakes, often foreshadowing “pow pow”  and the appearance of “powder hounds” and “weekend warriors”
  • Powder hound (pou′dər hound): those in search of the perfect powder stash
  • Pow pow (paʊ): fresh powder, also known as freshies
  • Point it (point-it): when a skier or rider makes the smallest number of turns going down a steep run so as to gain as much speed as possible
  • Rip (rĭp): ski/ride like a boss
  • Safety meeting (sāf′tē-mē′tĭng): “pre-game”, often includes a joint and/or spirits of the organizers choice
  • Scorpion (skôr′pē-ən): the act of face-planting while riding a snowboard
  • Send it (sĕnd ĭt): to launch oneself off a cliff or jump without regard to one’s physical well-being. See “huck”
  • Shred (shrĕd): to ski or ride in an enviable way
  • Sick (sĭk): see epic
  • Stash (stăsh): powder (as in snow) that is hidden from general knowledge
  • Steezy (stē′zē): snowboard trickery that encapsulates “style” and “ease”
  • Suitcased (so̅o̅t′kās′): When a skier/rider lands a booter so hard that their body bends at the waist so far that their face hits their knees
  • Texas tuck (tĕk′səs-tŭk): when skiers position themselves in a full racing tuck position unnecessarily, typically seen on a blue or green run
  • Texas turn (tĕk′səs-tûrn): When a skier who is their carrying skies on their shoulder, turns around quickly with no regard for those who might be hit by aforementioned skis
  • Throw a gainer (thrō-ā-gā′nər): a back flip off a jump, cliff, rock, crest, etc.
  • Tight (tīt): excellent, cool, awesome
  • Tomahawk (tŏm′ə-hôk′): digging the nose of a snowboard or skis deep into the snow, causing the rider to flip head-over-heels down the hill
  • Waisteez (wāst-ē′zē): waist-deep snow
  • Weekend Warrior (wēk′ĕnd′ wôr′ē-ər): Denver-ites that come up for a weekend shred sesh; often the cause of long travel times on I70 westbound on Friday evening and I70 eastbound on Sunday afternoons
  • Whoop! (wo̅o̅p): the call of elation made by skiers and riders as they shred freshly fallen snow.
  • Yard sale (yärd-sāl): double ejection from a skier

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