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29 Sep

I am a weenie. Ok not just a weenie, the heebie-jeebies are, in fact, an everyday occurence in my life.

Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies? They freak me out.

Creepy crawlies? Sick.

Bats with their beady little eyeballs? No way Jose.

So naturally, when my friend Matt mentioned that he was hosting a walking tour of “Haunted Breckenridge” on Saturday evening with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity.

Mr. A was working so I decided to treat myself to a romantic date-night in the company of some of Breckenridge’s spookiest residents. I met Matt and the rest of my fellow tour-goers at the Breckenridge Welcome Center at promptly 7:15pm where Matt filled us in on some basic Breck history (did you know that a 13.5 LB gold nugget was found in the south branch of the Blue River in 1887?!) before heading out to explore some old haunts around town.

Throughout the 90 minute tour we wound our way across town leaving calling cards at various buildings up and down Main Street, Ridge Street and Harris Street.

We met such figureheads of Breck’s past as, Ms. Sylvia, a miner’s widow who lives on the second floor of the building that now houses the new to town, Apres’ Handcrafted Libations, and has the tendency of making herself known to “unattached, handsome young men”, as well as, the ever-proper example of a well-bred Victorian lady, Ms. Katie of the William Harrison Briggle House and finally the infamous (and not very friendly) Ms. Whitney, of The Historic Brown Hotel, who was shot by her lover after he discovered that she was just using him for his money.

Matt did a wonderful job of keeping the creep factor down during the tour and although I was a bit fearful of entering the Briggle House in the event that I might have a face-to-face meeting with Ms. Katie, who definitely would not have approved of my not so proper attire of skinny jeans paired with fringe Minnetonka boots, I loved exploring her home and learning about the Victorian Era, complete with a glimpse of some hair art and an original Singer sewing machine.

All in all, it was a fabulous Saturday “date-night” with Matt and the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance. I guess ghosts really do make for some interesting company…although the heebie-jeebies returned on Sunday when I wandered into the Black Bear Grill kitchen after everyone had left for the morning and boy, was it dark!

I guess some things will never change.



fun in the mountains with the chicago sims.

28 Sep

My family is the best. I mean, literally the best.

Last Saturday, my mom threw an epic bridal shower for HB, then the next morning, like 3:30 the next morning, she, my dad and the Gnar left Wilmette for an 18 hour roadtrip out to Summit County. They picked me up at the hotel after HB’s hen party and dropping me at Midway airport for my 7:00am flight, on their way out-of-town. Fast forward 18 hours, my road-weary parents and the not so weary Gnar, swung by Andrew’s birthday BBQ dinner, just to say hello.

Now if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, Tommy and I were lucky enough to be able to bomb around mountains with our parents for a few days, before Tommy moved back down to Flagstaff (boohoo) and our parents continued on to Fort Collins for a short visit with Erik and Clair, the FoCo Sims’s.

We had a fabulous few days chock full of fall colors, Buffalo Mountain attempts, gourmet dinners and nonstop chit-chat. Unfortunately the Gnar proved to be “not-so-Gnar” after she boycotted the last mile of rock hopping to the summit of Buffalo Mountain. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all.

Now if only all of us could be in one place at one time. Now that, would be truly epic.









if all else fails…

26 Sep

At least I know where to find my chariot.

zuma limo


25 Sep

VBGF [Very Best Girlfriend) defined.

“A friend, that is a girl, who has the means to reach in and grab onto your soul when you least expect it.”

I was home last week for a series of things. HB’s bridal shower and bachelorette party for one; but in the midst of party planning, Lake Michigan visiting, Giordano’s with the D&D and M&P, concert in the park going and North Shore strolling, the best part of the weekend was that I got to catch a glimpse of my best gals.

Now let me tell you something.

My gals? They’re not like just any gals out there. Yes, there is a lot of giggling and squealing between us when we are tangled in knot of haphazard body parts. And yes wine and sweets, namely donuts, Oreos and cakes of all kinds, are imbibed in large, who am I kidding…GINORMOUS, quantities.  And yes gossip is over-shared and over-elaborated upon, full of gasps and guffaws.

But these gals, with all their sugar highs, high octaves and carefree giggles, well, these gals are the best gals out there. They are my heart, my soul and my spirit, and it’s their heart, soul and spirit that I carry with me everyday at 9300′ above sea level. They know me inside and out, call me on my bullshit and promote the ideas that mean the most to me. They love with abandon and live like no one is watching and you know what’s awesome?

They are MY very best girlfriends. So great seeing you chicks. Love you to pieces and I can’t wait to see you three in November.


the blue.

17 Sep

I have found that the late evening sun has developed a tricky scheme that is bound to lure me out.

Sure there is work to be done and dinner to be made, but it beckons to me with velvety colors and a chill in the air that caresses my skin and lifts my hair.

Yesterday evening we decided dinner could wait and we meandered in the midst of a cloudless sky, following The Blue as it wound its way along Highway 9, through quaint mountain neighborhoods and lush soccer fields awash with fire engine red Icelandic Poppies.

It traipsed past Town Hall, bubbling around the library and alongside the Pavilion. It drifted in and out of the woods rushing over displaced rocks, pooling in beaver ponds and tickling the ankles of the fly fishermen as they lost themselves in the gurgle of the water and tug of their line.

Sure there was work to be done, dinner to make, emails to write and boxes to unpack; but tonight, we meandered.


the blue

mountain time…

10 Sep

It’s been a crazy few weeks up in the high country. Between attending weddings, working weddings, managing a restaurant, managing a hotel, “recruiting” in the Tetons (ok…you caught me…adventuring in the Tetons 🙂 ), moving to a new ‘hood and dodging rainy days to bask in the sunshine of beautiful days, I feel like I blinked and it was September 10th.

It seems that the older I get, the faster time flies.

It’s like I am starring in my own movie and someone hit fast forward.

Anyway, albeit a bit busier than I’d like to admit, it’s been a good few weeks.

Here, catch a glimpse.

lenawee 4


Lenawee Trail, Montezuma, CO

lenawee 6


Lenawee Trail, Montezuma, CO



lenawee 7


Lenawee Trail, Montezuma, CO

lenawee 8


Lenawee Trail, Montezuma, CO



Celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Brockhoff, Ivanhoe Country Club

etling 7


Celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Brockhoff, Ivanhoe Country Club

gtlc 1


The Tetons from Leeks Pizza, Teton National Park

gtlc 2


Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park


gtlc 7


Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

gtlc 8


The Tetons from Jackson Lake Lodge, Teton National Park



Gillson Dog Beach, Wilmette, IL


Snow on Red Mountain, September 10, 2014

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