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frozen in time.

27 Sep

It had to have been one or two in the morning, but I lay wide awake in the tent; alert enough that it felt as if day were about to break.

The night air had dropped to the low 30s and frost covered the rain fly creating little ice crystals that glittered and danced under the full moon.

I lay there, nestled deep within the downy depths of my sleeping bag with only my nose and cheeks exposed to the cool mountain air, and I listened.

Our campsite, sheltered in the midst of stoic Lodgepole pine trees on the banks of a high alpine lake, was high enough up a long, boulder filled, dirt road that traffic noises were obsolete. The night was windless and the air was still and cold, chilly enough that the atmosphere around the tent seemed to be frozen in time.

I listened and I listened. I and realized that for the first time in as long as I could remember, there was nothing outside of my own thoughts and my own slow breaths to listen to.




20 Oct

While fall colors are just reaching their peak in most parts of the country, fall has come and gone up in the High Country and we are on the verge of welcoming winter. In fact, Summit County won the “race to winter” when Arapahoe Basin opened for the season on Friday. Speaking of which, anyone interested in an afternoon “shred sesh” on Tuesday…sure it’s only a half a run, but shredding is shredding brah!

Anyway, in an attempt to soak up the last bit of summer sun before Mother Nature buries us in snow, Mr. A and I escaped down to Moab for a few days in the desert. We camped, we hiked, we bombed around the desert in a UTV and we ate far too many s’mores. By the time we packed up to head home to the mountains on Wednesday morning, we were thoroughly caked in red dirt.

We’re calling it our “wintermoon” and a fabulous “wintermoon” it was.


Colorado River from “Wall St.”


Hurrah Pass selfie


Mr. A and his new favorite toy, the UTV


Abbs pondering her next squirrel ambush.


Go fast, take chances.


Lower Drinks Canyon campsite


Colorado River from the Lower Drinks Canyon campsite


Lower Drinks Canyon campsite–camping just off Route 128, aka “the river road”


Red rocks along the Negro Bill Canyon


Hurrah Pass snack break

life elevated.

30 Apr


We came, we saw, we…erm…had to cut the trip short by five days due to a bout of canine heat exhaustion. Apparently, a black dog and the hot desert sun do not mix; especially when said black dog considers running up and down hillsides after rodents, a hobby.

Last year, we camped down in Kane Creek Canyon so Abbs was able to cool herself off by taking a dip in the chilly waters of Kane Creek. This year however, Kane Creek Canyon had already been snagged by April Action Car Show goers so we made our way up Cotter Mine Road and set up camp in Mill Canyon

Mill Canyon, with it’s monumental red walls, scrubby mesquite trees, heady scent of sagebrush, and the fine rust colored sand that infiltrates anything and everything, gives you the feeling that a Pterodactyl is about swoop in and steal the hotdog that you’re cooking over the fire.   

The hot sun beats down on the hard red earth and challenges the Earth, or you, or anything, to get in its way. And with few trees to offer a reprieve from the sun’s beating rays, Mill Canyon takes no prisoners and offers no apologies.

Luckily we noticed that Abbey seemed more fatigued than usual and got her to the animal hospital for some fluids and air conditioning with lightening speed. She was given a clean bill of health but the doc suggested that we get her out of the desert. So we heeded his advice and trekked back to cold, snowy Summit County. Miss Abbs is back to her usual rambunctious self, burying her ball in the snow, begging without abandon for just a taste of our bacon, and making flying leaps through the five inches of snow that fell overnight last night.

And although our time in the desert was short, we still managed to get in a bike ride down 191, a few hikes around Mill Canyon, a sunset spaghetti dinner, and of course some deliciously gooey s’mores over a cracklin’ campfire.

Kane Creek Canyon save a spot for us, ’cause we’ll be back for ya!


you know it’s “mudseason” in colorado when…

22 Apr

All the license plates in Utah turn green!

Our second annual “adult spring break” in Moab commences tomorrow, but this year we’ve added a leg that will lead us towards Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park for the tail end of the trek. Shoot me a note if you’d like to join us in the land of the red dust for any part of the trip!

Otherwise, see ya next week!



be mine?

14 Feb

Hi. My name is Paige and I’m picky.

Not so much in terms of food, when it comes to food I will eat just about anything; but when it comes to the people that I spend my time with, I can be a hard sell–especially when it comes to my love life.
Too clingy? Give me some space.
Not clingy enough? Me! Me! Pick me!
Cocky? Eh, not impressed.
Doesn’t like to enjoy the great outdoors? No way Jose!
Since emerging as a single lady a few years back, I’ve come to realize how important, not to mention how fulfilling it is to live life without abandon. Plainly said, I love to travel, I crave the fulfillment of my curiosity, I live to love, and I love to live.
Anyway, fast forward to Spring 2013 when my world was flipped upside down by a dreamy mountain man, who has affectionately come to be known as Mr. A.
Mr. A and I bonded over Smokehouse Burgers at the Arapahoe Cafe on April 28, and we’ve spent nearly everyday together since that fateful April night. About three weeks after our first date, a group of us roadtripped out to Moab for a few days of fun in the sun. We spent an epic four days hiking, camping, running, biking, and swimming. On our last night under the stars, Mr. A and I drove up Hurrah Pass to watch the sunset. He laid a blanket out over the red rocks and as we sat back to soak in the oranges and pinks washing over the rough hewn rock, I knew I was a goner. He had me at Hurrah.
I sometimes wonder why the two of us work so well together. Chemistry? Right time, right place? He’s a hottie who can cook?
Who knows, but what I do know is that Andrew doesn’t hold me back from exploring my curiosities; rather he entertains them by opening my eyes to adventures beyond my wildest imaginations. He has made it easy for me to understand myself alone, and has challenged me to understand myself with another person. I didn’t just find a boyfriend, I acquired a partner in crime.
Besides, look at that grin. How could anyone resist those dimples?

the residence.

24 Jul

Hot. 83 degrees at 2pm and I’ve turned into such a ninny that I dare call that HOT. Nonetheless, it was hot. And as the day wore on it became it became perfectly clear that sleeping inside that evening, wasn’t a thought even worth thinking.

Luckily about 5 miles up Montezuma Rd. and another mile up the deliciously dusty Peru Creek Rd. there’s this spot. This spot that we’ve affectionately named The Residence; a spot that is just high enough that the dusty heat of the summer doesn’t quite permeate the air, where low clearance cars are not welcome, and on a clear night the moon shines bright through the stately lodgepoles.

The residence isn’t much. Just a Coleman tent meant to sleep five, a couple of camping chairs, a folding table with a George Foreman Grill, a large stone fire-pit, and a cozy hammock strung up along the banks of Peru Creek.

Nestled in a clearing deep in the woods, alongside a crashing Peru Creek rapid, we rarely have company at The Residence. Besides the occasional bump in the night, you are alone with your thoughts, melting into your sleeping bag, breathing in the crisp mountain air, as the waters of the creek lull you to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with the birds. It was cold outside, 43 degrees cold. I wrapped myself in my fleece and wandered down to the river’s edge. The heat of yesterday had subsided and left in its wake a cool breeze, laced with a hint of pine. This ninny was home. 




3 Jul


hiking, hiking,and more hiking, camping up Peru Creek, Sts. John and the Montezuma bomb, numerous tasty morsels, hot-tubbing, some Tour de France action…and we still have two more days!

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