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on the cusp.

15 Aug
The wind blows through my sun-drenched hair, tickling my scalp and sending chills spidering down my spine. 
Unlike the hot summer wind, full of water and the chirps of birds, this wind is crisp, cool. Full of the heady scents of grass and dirt and leaves. 
I shiver, thankful for the oversized Slapshot sweatshirt and black leggings that have become my after work, before bed, uniform as of late. 
The wind blows again, sending the freshly fallen leaves swirling around me as though I was stuck in a snow globe, and I am transported back in time. 
Back to high school as I dash down the turf, skirt flying and sticks clashing, at a field hockey game against Lake Forest, our biggest rival.
Cool evening walks to The Noodle, under a canopy of leaves tinged with the briefest hint of yellow.
Reclined and wrapped up in a blanket watching the city lights twinkle and sway to the motion of the boat as the last fireworks of the season thunder and sparkle off of Navy Pier.
Bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins and drinking spiced rum and hot apple cider at “Fall fest” with the people that shaped my adult life.
And Saturday morning marathon training runs on the lake with the strongest girl I’ve ever known, the dreamsicle orange sunrise illuminating the skyscrapers so they mimic the yellows and ruby reds of the oak leaves.
And for a second I’m there.

hawaiian tropic.

9 Jan

College spring break.

Even though we knew we would be spending the week in Naples, FL., we got to planning the trip as soon as New Years Day came to pass. It didn’t matter that our sleeping arrangements would be the same as last year or that we already knew that we’d be eating dinner at The Dock on Tuesday and The Pub on Wednesday (or that the two restaurants featured pretty much the exact same menu…) or that we’d swing by D&D’s for a breakfast time chat before we hit the road on our meandering four mile walks down to the Naples Beach Hotel. It was spring break and we were planners.

We overpacked, over-planned, and woke up extra early on the day of our departure, just to ensure that we made it to the airport with ample time; and when we finally walked out of the Ft. Myers Airport to D&D’s van, it felt like we were walking through Heaven’s palm-tree lined gates.

HB and I would begin each day with a morning walk and by the time we arrived back at the condo, whomever decided to sleep through the morning walk had already laid out all of our towels by the water. Every 30 minutes or so we’d pop up and take a refreshing dip in the pool, washing the salty sea air off our browned bodies. At noon someone would make the executive decision that it was time to hit the beach and we’d head down to Vedado Beach, sometimes with Dampa in tow on his daily bike ride, and repeat the aforementioned steps. 5 ‘o clock meant girl talk and a glass of wine with Damma by the bay and 7 ‘o clock meant grilling adventures and gossip with Dampa. It was perfection.

Throughout our time in paradise the beachy, conconutty, balmy scent of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen permeated the air. It followed us to the beach, the pool, on walks, was imbedded into our clothes, and usually ended up infiltrating our suitcases, following us back to Miami of Ohio and Indiana University.

This morning I woke up to sapphire blue skies and temperatures in the 20s. Prior to heading out on my morning hike up the Dillion Nature Preserve, I lathered on some Hawaiian Tropic. Though there were three inches of new snow on the ground and I finished my hike atop the scenic ridgeline of the Dillon Peninsula, not along the beach of the Naples Beach Hotel, I could’ve sworn I was back in Naples, lounging on the sand with my girls.

Cheers from one beach to another!



cam the ram, meet erik

31 May

cam the ram, meet erik

He did it. E is CSU bound in the fall! I am so proud of you baby brother! You worked your booty off and look what you’ve achieved! Can’t wait to visit you and Ms. Clair. XXXX

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