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defeating defeat.

3 Dec

I woke up tired today.

Exhausted really.

Tired of the negativity and fear that has been permeating through a season in which peace, joy, and gratitude are supposed to be paramount.

Saddened by constant news of hate and violence. Beat down by the anger and blatant use of force to achieve power.

I found my day dragging along with the weight of my emotions. My confusion and sadness highlighted by underpinnings of defeat at the thought of the world’s current state.

Defeat. Terror’s greatest and most powerful weapon.

Defeat hangs over the world and the world’s strongest and most jubilant inhabitants like a heavy fog. It drapes the love and the light of the season in a drab overcoat, blocking out whatever winds of peace, whatever inkling of positivity, may exist in our atmosphere.

It creates exhaustion and fear and sadness and it cultivates the belief in the inability to fight back; the tragic thought that goodness does not exist.

Fortunately for us we can turn defeat on itself, because there is goodness in the world. There is goodness and love in each and every day and in each and every person that we cross.

You see it in the smiling greetings that passing strangers share as they nod hellos while crossing the street.

You see it in the love that your children and spouses and pets and friends share with each other, with you.

And you see it in the beauty of the start of each new day.

And during this time of fear and confusion, a time in which hatred is threatening to defeat the gratitude and peace that the world deserves, we need to remember to hold our loved ones a bit closer. To share a smile with a stranger and thank those around you for being there. In spreading a bit of gratitude and joy to each and every person we meet in a given day, we are proving that love, acceptance, and peace will defeat hate.

Will defeat fear.

Will defeat, defeat.



something to be said.

19 Nov

There is something to be said for racing down a hillside as fast as gravity will carry you, legs churning and lungs burning; and there is something even bigger to be said about running down that hillside as fast as can be, in the snow.

It’s the slow burn of the steady resistance that the knee-deep snow creates against the muscles in your legs and knobby footing of your boots. It’s the way the snow feels as it gets kicked up in your erratic gallop, smothering the atmosphere in glitter and snow dust.

It’s the joy you get from allowing yourself to fall out of control, even for a moment, as you slip and slide down the snowy field, a giggling shriek emanating from deep within your chest.

And when you’re finally at the bottom, collapsing to the ground into a pile of cold cotton and feeling the effervescent spray coat your face as the glittery dust cascades back to Earth.

Yes, there is definitely something to be said.


1 Jul

Today I went for a “Sunday” stroll.

Sunday is a relative term, as my Sundays tend to fall on Tuesdays, but that’s besides the point.

My “Sunday stroll” began later in the morning, as most things planned for a “Sunday” should.

The morning was warm. Warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. A cool breeze blew off the swift moving water of Deer Creek, kicking the scent of decomposing pine needles and Aspen leaves up into the clear Rocky Mountain air. 

Rocks and boulders disturbed by the melting snowpack littered the trail and a perpetual trickle of snow melt carved a deep groove in the soil, washing the dust from our boots as we wandered our way up into the woods. 

There wasn’t a soul in sight, but for the creatures of the wild lingering in the shade of the dense Lodgepole forest. Only the the singsong twitter of the birds, the rush of the water pouring over beaver dams before settling back into the creek bed, and the whistle of the wind winding its way through the trees.

Somewhere along our stroll, we picked up another dog. A dog whose name was Lucky and whose tag requested that Lucky be dropped back off in Montezuma after our hike. No phone number, no address, just a brief note from the town that Lucky calls his own. 

Lucky, Abbey and Rome raced up the hillside, laughing in the steely face of Red Cone. Whipping their way through the pinks and blues and reds of the wildflowers that claimed the marshlands. Galloping after marmots and pika and galumphing into the creek for refreshing dip, before sprinting off to “tree” the next squirrel that crossed their path. 

The five of us lunched in a grass green valley, complimented by Indian Paintbrush that glowed orange among the the grays of the rock and green of the grass.

The sky was blue. Bluer than I’ve ever seen it, with not a cloud on the horizon. The sunshine blew soft kisses over our cool skin, warming it as the breeze flurried through the air.

Glacier Mountain towered over us five, while the mighty peaks of Grays and Torreys stood a silent watch over the valley; and while we are but a few small peoples in the midst of the wild world, we were secure in our Sunday stroll.




live big.

25 Mar

live big.

Life isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey that takes you to the destination.

la aventura

27 Aug

Have you ever thought about how far you’ve come? The people you’ve met? The things you’ve learned? How each of the above have placed you exactly where you are today? 

Though I’ve come a long way since my “know-it-all” years at 22, 23, 24, oh, let’s throw 25 in there too, I still occasionally find myself struggling to let go of the little things and sit back and embrace the beauty of now. I am so lucky to be surrounded some incredible people that have chosen to live their lives according to what they want, rather than what society deems appropriate. They work hard, they play hard, and they love fully. They’ve come to the realization that life is too short for regrets, dissatisfaction, complacency, and general boredom and spend their time focusing on living. it. up.
Heck your life should be an adventure and a few stories (the good, the bad, and the ugly) under your belt only makes your legacy that much more yours. 

a mountain of wealth.

19 Feb

I get asked three questions from out-of-towners on a rotating basis.

  1. Was it scary to quit your job and move out here by yourself? The idea was terrifying the actual move was surreal and frankly, the best decision I’ve ever made
  2. Are there a lot of drugs out here? Yes, but I’m not much of a druggie so I rarely come across them
  3. How do you live off $10.25/hour? The only things I spend money on are rent, groceries, gas, and the occasional night out
What people don’t realize, especially when it comes to the cost of living in Summit County, is that out here the majority of the daily activities are free or have a minimal fee. I spend my days hiking, skiing, going for a run/walk, going sledding, and generally spending as much time outside as possible.
Sure cities offer a multitude of free activities, but when I was living in Chicago, especially during the winter, I found myself spending a lot of money on frivolous things that I thought I needed to make myself happy. Things like leopard print skinny jeans (sound as ugly as they look…), a ridiculous number of pumps and purses, expensive cocktails, $25 lunches on Fridays with coworkers (miss those, but can’t believe I spent that much money on LUNCH!), and cabs (probably upwards of $60/week on cabs!).
Living out here, I’ve found that the need I felt for certain items has disappeared and has been replaced with the urge to go for a late night walk to look at the stars (so cliche, but I’ve never seen stars like this!), go for a run on a remote trail, hike up to the back bowls, embrace $3 PBRs at the Snake, what have you.
I may not have the money to eat out every night, buy that fancy new jacket, or get my nails done every week; but I do have a fantastic quality of life that brings me to a level of happiness that I rarely witnessed when I did have that money. I mean, how many people can say that they skied for three hours on Monday before heading to work!? It’s less about the money, and entirely about living life in a way that brings you a mountain of wealth in terms of happiness.
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