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11 Mar

A Tenmile sunset, Sapphire Point


“Scene of the crime “, aka the day I broke my booty while on a run around the lake (ouch!)


Leadville, CO


Cowboys, Leadville, CO


Sunset Selfie, Sapphire Point


“Spring!”, says Abbey


Abbey teaching Mayhem the finer points of “poop diving”



Mayhem the Gremlin


Skijoring, Leadville, CO


sweetness in my life.

24 Feb

When I lived in Chicago, 5:30am was all at once the bane of my existence and the jolt I needed to kick-start my day.

5:30am would start loud and proud with the shrill jingle of my alarm. I woke bleary eyed and grumbling, annoyed with the prospect of, well, 5:30am.

I’d scramble out of bed, throw on some ratty old running clothes, lace up my shoes, key up my iPod and wander out the front door, working through an encyclopedia of routes in my head before settling on the Lakefront Path heading north.

On my run, which generally lasted about 60 minutes, I’d work through all the world’s problems, settle whatever dispute was bothering me at that moment (usually that dispute concerned the a**hole cabbie that almost ran me over at the intersection of Fullerton and Lake Shore), fought off the stench of the smelly homeless man who lived under the Belmont overpass and watched The Sun rise in all her glory over the grand expanse of Lake Michigan, painting the groggy city in ombre hues of pink and orange.

By the time I got to work at 8:30, I was already three hours into my morning and noshing on a well-deserved donut from the Dunkin Donuts that held court on the second floor of The Mart.

These days, I am at work every morning between 6:45 and 7:00am, so my early morning jogs along the lake have evolved into 4:00pm jaunts along winding mountain paths. I still solve all the most complex problems of the world, relive wrong-doings from the day in an effort to “win” and enjoy cake and ice cream for dessert nearly every evening (no Dunkin nearby 😦 ), but instead of dodging rabid raccoons as they jump out at you from their dark, smelly garbage-can caves, I dodge tourists making unexpected turns with their skis on their shoulders. And instead of watching the sun rise over the greatest city in the world, I breathe in the beauty of the late afternoon sun as She highlights the Rockies in a jewel-toned veneer.

In unrelated news, my favorite guest arrived today for his second stay of the year. I had completely forgotten that he was arriving today and when I walked into the lobby, feeling prickly after an unnecessarily long conference call, I was thrilled to hear his booming voice shout a happy greeting before pulling me into a bear-hug. It’s gonna be a good weekend.


Dusk at the Beaver Ponds, Keystone, CO

red sky at morn…

18 Jan

Sailors take warn.

red sky at morn

Almost exactly 12 hours after this fabulous sunrise (as seen from the Inn at Keystone…) woke Summit County from its peaceful slumber, a cold front blew in bringing with it 40 mph winds with 70 mph gusts and two (yes, a measly TWO ) inches of snow. Alas, it made for a beautiful sight while it lasted.

the most wonderful time of the year.

9 Dec


I’ve been slacking a bit.

The last few weeks, work and Ripper Roo dance team and more work and leadership committees and new hires and chopping down Christmas trees and, ok skiing, have taken priority over my little blog.

Welp, here is my attempt at asking for your forgiveness.

You see, just last week Mr. A, Abbey Road and I went on the hunt for the very best little Christmas tree in Summit County. We searched high and low before we came across the most perfect little Lodgepole grove just off Montezuma Road, about a mile northwest of Peru Creek.

We trekked into the grove, embracing the bright sunshine as it sparkled off of the crusty, week old snow. Mr. A, being the Lumberjack that he is, carried his avalanche hand saw in his back pocket and loops of p-cord over his shoulders, as we trudged through the gully in our quest.

Like a child in search of his prized Christmas toy, Mr. A honed in on the fullest, greenest tree in all the land.

“Done! I found the tree!”, said he as he whipped out the hand saw and began sawing through her soft, sappy trunk, working hard at each stroke until the tree hit the ground with a “THUMP!”.

And while I had my doubts (we all know how much of a perfectionist I can be…), she really, truly is the most perfect tree in Summit County.

Happy Christmas everyone!

christmas tree 14

christmas tree 142

christmas tree 143

christmas tree 144

christmas tree 145


my monday was better than your monday.

17 Nov

I’d like to make it known that today, November 17, 2014, was my first day on the hill for the Winter ’14/’15 season.

Not a bad way to spend a Monday.



’tis the season

3 Dec

Welp, we’re back and we survived 3000 miles in the car, a picturesque introduction to nine states across the good ‘ole USofA, and a week with each other’s families, and frankly I think I still kinda dig him. But we’ll get to that later.

First things first, the holidays have arrived and Summit County is chock full of exciting events and activities for the entire family. From skiing, to tubing, to sleigh rides, to tree lightings and carolers, a trip out to the mountains is the perfect way to get in touch with your inner-elf.

1) Skiing (duh): All the hills (Beaver Creek, Vail, Breck, Keystone, A-Basin, Copper Mountain, Loveland…am I miss any?) in the area are officially open and ready for skiers and riders of all skill levels to dive in and fly down. Keystone even offers a “kids ski free” package for families staying two or more nights with children 12-and under. Can’t beat that!

2) Tubing: think of it as sledding on steroids. Check out the Frisco Adventure Park or Keystone Adventure Point. Note, Keystone requires reservations–to book dial 800-354-4386 or stop by the Keystone Lodge and Spa concierge desk. 

3) Lighting of Breckenridge/Run of Santas, December 7 

4) Frisco Wassail Days, December 7-15: carolers, shopping, holiday charm galore!

5) Dew Tour: Can you dew it? These guys sure can. Watch pro snowboarders and skiers fly through the air as they launch themselves off some of Breck’s biggest jumps and rails. 

6) Brunch with Santa, Keystone, CO, Warren Station, December 15

7) 12 days of Christmas at Copper Mountain, December 20-31: 12 days of holiday surprises and events

8) USSA Grand Prix, Copper Mountain, December 16-22: top freeskiers and snowboards compete to qualify for the 2014 winter olympics

By the way, Summit County is expecting 8-16″ of snow tonight…the weather may be frightful, but all the snow sure makes the holidays delightful!





14 Nov


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