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july, a montage.

25 Jul













the fifth season.

20 Apr

Those of you that have spent time in the mountains of Colorado are well aware of ski season; the winter and spring months that bring about epic runs and face-shots for days. You might even be aware that July is the best month to visit if it’s Columbines that you’re gunnin’ for and September, well it tends to bring out the true meaning of “Colorful Colorado“.

However, I am willing to bet that many of you are unaware of or have actively chosen to avoid, our fifth season. The season in which the ski resorts shut down for the summer, two-for-ones run rampant, demo sales are featured on the front page of the Summit Daily and locals are able to get out and enjoy the better known trails without the masses.

This fifth season, known to those of us calling the High Country home, is Mudseason.

So in honor of the all but three ski resorts in the state closing (you will have to hit up Winter Park, Arapahoe Basin and Loveland if you’re looking to relive ) and a closed hotel, you will find me embracing the mud and hitting up several front range 14ers, skiing sick lines (brah), parking in the spot closest to the grocery store, noshing on all the foods at all the hard-to-get-into restaurants and wearing yoga pants to work (sorry Mom).

On that note, congrats to everyone on a great season. Enjoy your time off and if anyone would care to join me on any or all adventures, you know where to find me 🙂


Hager Mountain Shredding


mayflower gulch1

Mayflower Gulch, Mayhem’s First Hike


Hanging Lake


Hanging Lake


Hanging Lake


Mayflower Gulch


Mayflower Gulch


Hager Mountain Shredding


Beer with a View, Pug Ryan’s


Hanging Lake






date night!

5 May

date night!

Mr. A went skiing up Mayflower Gulch on Saturday with some buddies and managed to leave his phone up at the old Boston Mine site where they had lunch. Lucky for him, I have a thing for men with dimples and blue eyes and he charmed me into a post-work, post-run hike up Mayflower to get his phone.

Also, I cooked. Actually I GRILLED. I know, I know…impressive, right?


7 Jan

I admit it. I let myself get caught up in the craziness of the holidays. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the holidays. I love that during the weeks between Thanksgiving Day and the New Year, that extra special feeling of closeness becomes ingrained in your everyday life. That to some extent the twinkling of Christmas lights act as a trigger for that feeling of intimacy that can only be felt for the ones you love most. I especially love that the holidays are the perfect excuse to eat as much dessert as your heart desires, because c’mon, what’s Christmas without a little Mary Murphy Dessert?
This year was a little bit different. Managing a hotel at Christmastime was far more stressful than I ever could’ve imagined. Truly. I went home every night for about three weeks and collapsed in bed or on the couch, completely wiped out from the day’s events. Not only that, but about 25% of Lodge employees (including myself!) down with an EPIC flu; that said, over the last few weeks I have received more late night calls and text messages about vomit than I care to admit.
Anyway, the holidays ended for us, officially, on Sunday; just two short days ago. And to celebrate we hiked up Mayflower Gulch this morning to spend a little time getting reacquainted with the great outdoors. I signed up for the Leadville Trail Marathon on January 1, so I figured Mayflower’s quick hike up would be good way to kick off the training season. But as we wandered up the gently sloping gulch road, I realized that while, yes, I needed to get my butt back in gear, it was my mind that needed this escape into the “wild”. At one point I stopped to take a breather and realized that all I could hear were the birds chirping in the early morning light, the sound of Abbey and Andrew, ok and myself, panting, and the squeaky crunch of the packed snow underfoot. It was glorious.
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