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moosing around.

9 Apr

There is a family of moose who have taken up residence in Summit Cove, specifically around Tally Ho Court.

A few times a day, Mama Moose takes her twins on a stroll, stopping occasionally to sample the local fare, namely Aspen trees and loose ground cover.

The twins, though new to ‘moosing’ and still working out the kinks of their spindly legs, follow along gamely; pausing every once in a while to observe the neighbors observing them.



if you give a moose a muffin.

25 Apr

Remember this time last year?

When I was so bent out of shape that I had yet to have a “close encounter with the moose kind” and was living vicariously through Mer who had daily visits from moose over at the Ski Tip?

Well that has since changed, thanks to the Inn’s nieghbor, Moose #1. He is a big lanky guy, who spends his time wandering the bike path and snacking on leaves in the grassy knoll that beautifies our valet circle. He isn’t terribly interested in the humans that work around him everyday and seems to enjoy observing daily life, perfectly content with his leaves and his liesurely strolls up and down the path.

He seems much friendlier than his counterpart, the territorial pregnant moose who charged an Inn staff member a few weeks ago while she was valeting a car. Yipes!

11154995_10204001917078648_6288972528264569039_o (1)


a bird in hand.

27 Jul

a bird in hand.

Bats, birds, and bears. Oh my!

This little guy got stuck in the lobby of the Lodge this morning. Last week we had a bat, and a vicious one at that. A few weeks ago we had a moose on the loose. And last summer a baby black bear would hang out in our valet circle. Never a dull moment in the High Country!

Sunday Somethings

14 Apr

1) BreckVail, and Beaver Creek are closing out the season with a foot (14″ at the Beav!) of fresh pow. Spring is coming in like a lion!

2) Lions and tigers and bears oh my! The animals are starting to wake-up…had a porcupine sighting on a hike the other day, as well as what I think was a moose print, although my buddy thinks I am imagining things…
3) Keystone is officially deserted; therefore I am hosting “dinner club” at my new digs on Thursday night. Thinking of making this for dinner and in keeping with moose season, this for dessert  🙂
4) The Ski Tip Lodge is named after the wooden ski tips that are used as the building’s door handles.
5) Heading to FoCo on Wednesday afternoon to witness, Ms. Clair Sims, the musical harp genius, in action. Can’t wait!

Sunday Somethings

10 Mar

1) Went for a long run up Landfill Road (sounds scenic, right?) and was circled by a Peregrine Falcon the entire time I ran uphill. Much to my falcon friend’s chagrin, I did indeed make it up to the top.

2) The Ski Tip Lodge is hosting Snowflakes and Wine with sommelier Megan Morgan on Fridays at 4pm through the month of March. If you’d care to join me, lemme’ know and I’ll make some reservations.

3) I signed up for the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon–this will either be the best idea I’ve ever had or the worst idea I’ve ever had…

4) Joel Gratz from OpenSnow is the ONLY person I trust to give an accurate weather forecast for Summit County and the surrounding area.

5) According to Mr. Gratz, we are at about 70-80% of our normal snowpack for the season, not great, but better than last year!

**Bonus Something

I am officially employed through the summer…woot! 


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