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gold on our hills.

30 Sep

Fall is fleeting up here at 9300′.

It blows in overnight, flexing its artistic vein as it paints the hillsides in shades of gold and red and fiery orange.

It drops gilded carpets of Aspen leaves on forest paths as though laying down a golden carpet fit for mountain royalty.

I like to pretend that I myself, am the aforementioned royal visitor. I stroll between seasons on a long Aspen leaf lined carpet into my kingdom of statuesque trees, waving to my Mountain sentinels as I go.

I wrap myself in Mother Nature’s earthy perfume and memorize the tune bellowed from deep within the woods–the hum of the bees, the whisper of the wind, the trickle of water, and the cracking of wood as my woodland neighbors wander invisibly among the swaying trees.


picture this.

12 Aug

It’s myself, Mercedes, her dog Rome, and Ms. Abbey. It’s finally the “weekend” and we’ve just finished the 4 mile climb up to Willow Falls. The dogs have been watered and had a swim in the pond, us chicks have been fed and are sufficiently pictured out, so we pack up our things and start the trek back down to the cars. The dogs are fairly “good” listeners so we have them off the leash to run about as they please. About a mile down I see a group of people heading our way, so I give shout to reign the pooches back in. 

“No way”, says Mer, stopping dead in her tracks. 

I look up, with a hopeful, yet fleeting thought that perhaps it’s a moose (my size must intimidate them to the point where avoidance is the only answer, as I have yet to see one in person). 

“Is that a bird? On a leash?!”, says Mer in disbelief. 

Low and behold, it was indeed, a bird on a leash! Not just any bird, a talking parrot, on a leash! 


Snow, the parrot, took such a liking to Mercedes that he climbed right onto her shoulder, looked her straight in the eye, fluffed up his head feathers, and said “Hello”.

I died. 

Anyway, fabulous hike. Absolutely beautiful and definitely doable for just about anyone. About 900 in vertical, on an otherwise meandering path through a striking pine tree forest. Here are some pics; however per usual, they don’t do the beauty of the scenery justice. 



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